About Us

About खिदमते हिन्द मुस्लिम समाज

KHMS is a deliberate institutive non-government as/ non –profit organization .it was established in 2015 as grassroots level organization which work for the improvement of the minorities giving best Need to instruction in its targets.

We believes in envisages a caring minorities by which people unite to respond to the others empowering them to fulfill their potential.

Since its initiation, the KHMS is on the work with outright devotion to achieve a social and institutive Change in the current state of the network by granting to old person, scholarship to the destitute Understudies in guest for their higher education, the primary objectives of our institution are as Under:-

To work for the progression of training, since, innovation and the board especially in the Domain of advance education

To grant/ loan scholarship to deserving students for pursing higher secondary education , Undergraduate ,postgraduate studies and research in the fields of medicine, engineering, Science and technology, management, commerce and humanities

Embodying our Islamic values, we believe in mobilizing resource, build partnership and Develop local capacity as we work to

To run and oversee plans of budgetary help, to arrange instituting and medicinal classes,

Specialized curriculum places for enhancing the change of under studies of minority community,

To promote coordinated development and natural custodianship with an emphasis on sustainable live hood

Backing the marginalized and helpless to voice their needs and address root causes of poverty,